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Board of EducationMeetings → November 18, 2010

Board of Education Facility Decisions: November 18, 2010

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Full Agenda (PDF)

Approval of the Agenda
Opening Remarks
Superintendent’s Recommended FY 2012 Capital Budget and Amendments to the FY 2011-2016 Capital Improvements Program

Northwest Cluster: In order to relieve crowding at Spark M. Matsunaga and Great Seneca Creek elementary schools, the Board approved the creation of a site selection committee in FY 2011 to identify the location for a new elementary school in the Northwest cluster, and a feasibility study to determine the cost and scope of the new elementary school. A final recommendation on how to relieve crowding at area elementary schools will be considered as part of the FY 2013-1018 CIP.

Other Board Actions

  • A boundary study for the new Downcounty Consortium ES #29 (at the site of the former McKenney Hills Elementary School) which will open in August 2012. This school will address crowding at Oakland Terrrace and Woodlin elementary schools.
  • A change in student assignments in the Poolesville cluster that allows students in the cluster to transfer to Monocacy Elementary School at any point during their elementary school years. This will help address the continued low enrollment levels at Monocacy Elementary School.
Superintendent’s Recommendations for the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Cluster

As part of the CIP, the board adopted the creation in FY 2011 of a site selection committee to identify the location for a new middle school in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase area, and a feasibility study to determine the cost and scope of the new middle school.

The opening of the new middle school will allow the sixth-grade students currently housed at North Chevy Chase and Chevy Chase elementary schools to attend a middle school. The new school also will provide relief to Westland Middle School, which is expected to be 250 students over capacity by 2016.

The Board directed the superintendent to study options for enhancing the middle school programs for sixth-graders at North Chevy Chase and Chevy Chase elementary schools until they can be reassigned to a middle school, including the cost and implications of reassigning these students to Westland Middle School.

The Board also adopted an elementary boundary study in the B-CC cluster to review assignments of Bethesda, Chevy Chase, North Chevy Chase and Rosemary Hills elementary schools, and to address the partial pairing of Bethesda and Rosemary Hills elementary schools.

Superintendent's Recommendations for the Richard Montgomery Cluster

In order to relieve overcrowding at the elementary schools and middle school in the Richard Montgomery cluster, the Board adopted:

  • A feasibility study for an expansion to Julius West Middle School to be conducted in FY 2011.
  • A feasibility study for the construction of a new elementary school at the site of the former Hungerford Park Elementary School on West Edmonston Drive.
  • The possible relocation of the district-wide Chinese Immersion Program from College Gardens Elementary to another elementary school.

Any recommendations for construction will be made as a part of the FY2013-FY2018 Capital Improvements Program, which will be submitted in fall 2011.

Sale of the Former Robert E. Peary High School Site

More about the Capital Improvements Program

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