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Board of EducationMeetings → July 28, 2008

Board of Education Meeting: July 28, 2008

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Approval of the Agenda
Public Comments
Board/Superintendent Comments
Consent Items
Human Resources

The Board approved the following administrative appointments:

  • Linda Sato Adams, currently staffing specialist, Department of Recruitment and Staffing, Office of Human Resources, as supervisor, Fine Arts, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs
  • Rhonda L. Dedmond, currently assistant principal, Sligo Middle School, as coordinator, Human Resources, Department of Recruitment and Staffing, Office of Human Resources
  • Travis J. Wiebe, currently a teacher, grades 3 and 4, Burning Tree Elementary School, as coordinator, Human Resources, Department of Recruitment and Staffing, Office of Human Resources
FY 2008 Operating Budget Categorical Transfer

The Board approved categorical transfers of $12 million—representing approximately 0.6 percent of the total operating budget—among state categories in the FY 2008 Operating Budget, to align budgeted appropriation with actual expenditures. Overall, the MCPS Operating Budget ended FY 2008 with an expenditure surplus of $14.5 million; in addition, revenue was $3.4 greater than budgeted, resulting in a total savings in local contribution of $17.9 million. The County Council assumed $17.9 million of savings from FY 2007 to fund the FY 2009 Operating Budget. The FY 2008 expenditure surplus was due in part to comprehensive expenditure restrictions and a hiring freeze imposed in November 2007. Offsetting the savings were deficits in special education, student transportation due to rising fuel costs, pupil personnel services and fixed charges.

Comprehensive Master Plan Update

The Board tentatively approved the update to the Comprehensive Master Plan, required annually by the state in response to requirements of the Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act of 2002. The strategic plan for Montgomery County Public Schools, Our Call to Action: Pursuit of Excellence—revised on July 15, 2008—has served as the basis for updating the Comprehensive Master Plan. Final action on the plan will be taken before October 15, 2008, when the plan must be submitted to the Maryland State Department of Education.

Board of Education Items

New Fiscal Management Committee: The Board voted to reconstitute its Audit Committee as the new Fiscal Management Committee, expanding the scope of the committee’s responsibilities and its ability to monitor fiscal matters on an ongoing basis.

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