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Board of Education Redistricting

Redistricting Map 

In Montgomery County, a Board of Education district means a geographic area in which an elected member of the Board must live. In Montgomery County there are five resident-district members and two at-large members of the Board; however, all Board members are elected by the county as a whole.

According to Maryland state law, the five Montgomery County Board of Education residency districts must be redrawn after each decennial (10 year) census to make sure that the districts  are “substantially equal in population”. The 2010 Census revealed that over the last decade, the population of Montgomery County increased 11.3 percent and that the boundaries of the five Board of Education districts needed to be redrawn.  The Maryland General Assembly, at the request of the Montgomery County Delegation, must enact legislation during the upcoming 2011 special session to redraw the districts so that they can be in place for the April 2012 primary and November 2012 general elections.

On August 24, 2011 the Board unanimously voted to approve a resolution to recommend a redistricting plan to the Montgomery County Delegation that both establishes districts substantially equal in population and allows for anticipated growth. 

The Board of Education has forwarded its recommendation to the Montgomery County Delegation. The Delegation will develop a local bill and has scheduled a hearing on September 15. Specific details and information about the bill and the hearing are available on the Montgomery County Delegation website.

Board of Education Redistricting Plan