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EMERGENCY MESSAGE: 3/20/2018 at 8:42 PM -- Refresh page to update message

Montgomery County Public Schools are closed Wednesday March 21, 2018 due to emergency weather conditions. All school and community activities in school buildings also are canceled. All administrative offices are open. Day care programs in school buildings may remain open as scheduled. MCPS will reevaluate this decision by 5:00 a.m. to determine if closure of offices is necessary.

MENSAJES DE EMERGENCIA: 3/20/2018, 8:42 PM -- Refresque la página para actualizar mensaje

Las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Montgomery (MCPS) permanecerán cerradas el miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2018 debido a las condiciones del tiempo. Todas las actividades escolares y comunitarias en los edificios escolares quedan canceladas. Las oficinas administrativas abrirán en horario regular. Los programas de cuidado infantil en los edificios escolares podrán operar en horario regular. MCPS reevaluará esta decisión a las 5:00 a.m. para determinar si es necesario cerras las oficinas administrativas.

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ALERT - Computer Virus Warning

May 4, 2000
All users of internet e-mail programs, including the MCPS FirstClass system, are advised that a computer virus named "I LOVE YOU" is especially destructive and damaging to computers, e-mail systems, files, software, and operating functions. All users of FirstClass are advised to not open any e-mail with this title and to not open any attachments from such e-mail. All users are asked to delete any e-mail message received with the "I LOVE YOU" title.

Description of the Virus

The following is a description of how the e-mail may appear as an e-mail message.

Subject of e-mail: ILOVEYOU

Name of attachment: LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs

Size of attachment: 10307

Technical Description

The following is a technical description of the virus:

(1) The virus is described as "VBS.LoveLetter.A" and is an "email worm," which is also described as a "mIRC worm" and a "file infector."

(2) If such a virus enters a computer's system, "VBS.LoveLetter.A" automatically tries to enter the Microsoft Outlook program and email itself out as an attachment with the above subject line and attachment name. The body of the message in the e-mail message will ask the reader to check and open the infected attachment, entitled "LOVELETTER." Do not do this!

(3) The virus will also try to infect files with the following extensions: vbs, vbe, js, jse, css, wsh, sct, hta, jpg, jpeg, mp3, and mp2.

(4) The virus will try to insert the following file "MSKernel32.vbs" into the Windows System directory, the "Win32DLL.vbs" into the Windows directory, the "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs" file into the Windows System directory, and the "WinFAT32.EXE" file into the Internet download direct.

(5) The result will be extensive damage to the computer.

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