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Policies for Public Comment  


 Public Comment Sought on tentatively approved, and renamed, Policy ACA

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On April 25, 2017, the Board of Education tentatively approved changes to Board  Policy ACA,  Human Relations, and recommended changing the name of Policy ACA, to Nondiscrimination, Equity, and Cultural Proficiency .  The revised policy includes the purposes and expectations of current Board Policies ACA, Human Relations , ACB, Nondiscrimination , ACE, Gender Equity , GBA, Workforce Diversity , and GMA, Human Relations Training of MCPS Staff

The renamed policy affirms the Board's desire to create an educational community guided by its five core values-Learning, Respect, Relationships, Equity and Excellence-that is deeply committed to ensuring that all students are supported to succeed and all staff are empowered to do their best work.  It asserts the Board's belief that each and every student matters, and in particular, that educational outcomes should never be predictable by any individual's actual or perceived personal characteristics.  It further asserts that equity demands intensive focus and attention to eliminate all gaps in student achievement.  Policy ACA establishes and promotes a framework that prepares all students to live and work in a globally-minded society and fosters a positive learning environment that embraces all unique and individual differences.  It affirms the Board's unwavering commitment that all students and staff demonstrate mutual respect without regard to any individual's actual or perceived personal characteristics.  

The draft of tentatively approved Policy ACA is available for public comment until Friday, May 26, 2017.  

  • Read tentatively approved Policy ACA, Nondiscrimination, Equity, and Cultural Proficiency (Attachment A)       

        ኣለማዳላት፣ ፍትህ፣ እና ባህላዊ ብቃት (Amharic)

        非歧視原則、公平和文化熟知能力 (Chinese)

        La Non-discrimination, l'Équité et la Compétence Culturelle (French)

        차별금지, 형평성, 문화적 이해력 (Korean)

        No Discriminación, Equidad, y Competencia Cultural (Spanish)

        Không Kỳ Thị, Binh Đằng, và Thành Thạo Văn Hóa (Vietnamese) 

        暫獲批准的政策 ACA, 非歧視原則、公平和文化熟知能力  (Chinese) 

        La Politique ACA Provisoirement  Approuvée , LA NON-DISCRIMINATION, L'ÉQUITÉ, ET LA COMPÉTENCE CULTURELLE (French)

        잠정적으로 승인된 정책 ACA, 차별금지, 평등 공평성과 문화적 능력 (NONDISCRIMINATION, EQUITY, AND CULTURAL PROFICIENCY) (Korean) 

        Política ACA Aprobada Tentativamente, NO DISCRIMINACIÓN, EQUIDAD, Y COMPETENCIA CULTURAL (Spanish)

        Chính Sách ACA Được Chấp Thuận Tạm Thời, KHÔNG KỲ THỊ, BÌNH ĐẲNG, VÀ THÀNH THẠO VĂN HOÁ  (Vietnamese)

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