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COG-RA, Personal Mobile Devices

About this Regulation

Regulation: COG-RA

Last revised: June 28, 2017


To establish procedures for possession and use of personal mobile devices by students who are on Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) property or engaged in MCPS sponsored activities.

See Regulation COG-RA At a Glance for a summary of recent revisions to this Regulation.  

Adobe PDF COG-RA, Personal Mobile Devices 109 K
Adobe PDF COG-RA, Dispositivos Móviles Personales485 K
Adobe PDF COG-RA, Appareils Portables Personnels492 K
Adobe PDF COG-RA, Thiết Bị Điện Tử Cá Nhân517 K
Adobe PDF COG-RA, 個人移動設備853 K
Adobe PDF COG-RA, 개인 휴대 기기596 K
Adobe PDF COG-RA, የግል ሞባይል መሳርያዎች368 K

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