Why Dual Enrollment?

There are many benefits to participating in Dual Enrollment, including...

  • College classes extend academic opportunities beyond the Advanced Placement level
  • Students may take up to 2 college courses per semester
  • All courses apply towards a Montgomery College degree. Courses may also transfer and/or satisfy pre-requisite requirements at the college of choice.
  • Offered classes are small and taught by experienced college faculty
  • Dual Enrollment enhance college admissions profile
  • Individual counseling and guidance services are furnished to develop a schedule that includes both high school and college classes during each day
  • Participants develop earlier focus on career decision-making
  • Dual Enrollment provide space at the high school site for student use during unscheduled time in any school day

Not convinced? See what past students have had to say about their experiences with Dual Enrollment.

  • I took Dual Enrollment just because I had heard good things about it. It’s really interesting and I really liked the class that I took (Intro to Engineering). It definitely looked good for college, taking a college class, but it never got out of hand in terms of the workload. I loved Dual Enrollment.
    -Tina Rzepka, 2010-2011
  • Dual Enrollmenthas been great! My class is at Gaithersburg High School so I have gotten to meet a lot of new people. The work load was a great intro to college. -Julia C Phillips, 2010-2011
  • We had a great experience with Dual Enrollment. The class was very fascinating, and the professor was a lot of fun to listen to. We’re excited to do Dual Enrollment again next semester.
    -Melissa Whitman and Keera Gilbert, 2010-2011
  • [I took] Abnormal Psych and Social Psych. Interesting courses, great teachers, and lots of free time! Lots of interesting topics, and awesome professors!
    -Destinie Tate, 2010-2011
  • Dual Enrollment is the best ever. The class choices are very good and it looks great on your transcript. You can get college credit and [pass] out of a class in college... Take it. You will not regret it.
    -2010-2011 Participant
  • Dual Enrollment was a great experience. It is a very good choice for a senior year schedule. The classes I took were very interesting and so were the professors. Also, it’s very nice having free time in school three times a week. -2011-2012 Participant
  • It’s a great experience. You learn a lot and the classes are always interesting. You get to finish more college credits before college and it lightens your load. It really gives you a feel of how college is. -2011-2012 Participant
  • The real reason I decided to take Dual Enrollment was to have a parking spot senior year. However, the class I took ended up being engaging and informative. The teachers are experienced and knowledgeable about their curriculums. In general, the classes are bridges between high school and college. -2011-2012 Participant
  • Dual Enrollment was a great experience. Abnormal Psych was a very interesting class with a great, engaging teacher. Having free periods 3 days a week was awesome! -2011-2012 Participant
  • [I took] Morality and Contemporary Law. Professor Ruppert is the best professor ever. She really made me love philosophy and law! -2011-2012 Participant
  • The classes are more interesting than any I have ever taken. Great professors. -2011-2012 Participant