Dual Enrollment Resources and Links

Resources and Links

Interested in taking a course over the summer or school year at a Montgomery College campus? Conduct a search on the MC website to find the course schedule

Go to www.montgomerycollege.edu. Click on the “Majors and Programs” link and it will take you to the page where you can execute a search for the semester or session course schedules MC has released Once you’ve clicked on the appropriate session or semester select the department the course is in and hit enter, such as “CA” for all Computer Applications courses, “CS” for all Computer Science courses, “Political Science” for all PS courses, “BI” for all Biological Science courses, etc. Scroll down the Results page to find your desired course and review the information on course sections, days, times, meeting locations, etc.

**Note: One thing to watch out for is that each time you return to the starting page to search a new department’s classes, you’ll have to reselect the correct tab/heading for the session/semester for which you are interested.

Further information on obtaining academic support

The Office of Concurrent Enrollment provides the following information for students interested in accessing accommodations while taking Dual Enrollment or General Concurrent Enrollment courses.

Disability Support Services

The College seeks to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities to give students an equal educational opportunity to participate in college programs, activities, and services.

Faculty are only obligated to provide accommodations to students who have been verified through MC’s Disability Support Services office. Individual students are given accommodations based on specific information and assessment data documented by a qualified professional(s). Accommodations at the college level may vary somewhat from those provided through Montgomery County Public Schools.

Students desiring disability support services for any MC course must submit their request to the Montgomery College Disability Support Services Office at 240-567-5058 or 301-294-9672 (TTY), or visit the website. To ensure timely service, requests for support should be submitte at least six weeks before the beginning of classes.

Attention Students and families: You MUST visit the Disability Support Services Office website, contact them via phone, or visit the Rockville DSS Office location to ensure proper procedures and information. The information below is found on the DSS website and provided as a beginning guide to accessing accommodations for students interested in participating in the Dual Enrollment or General Concurrent Enrollment.

For complete information, contact Montgomery College’s Disability Support Services Office at 240-567-5058 or 301-294-9672 (TTY), or visit the website at http://www.montgomerycollege.edu/Departments/dispsvc/.

Step-by-Step Arranging for Disability Support Services