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The new Stay Connected website serves as a one-stop shop for all the tools that students, staff, and parents may use to stay informed and connected with MCPS.
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Policy CNA

The Montgomery County Board of Education approved changes to Policy CNA, which guides the distribution of informational materials and flyers in schools. Under the revised policy, nonprofit organizations will be able to send printed materials home with students in elementary schools up to four times a year. However, such distribution no longer will be allowed in secondary schools. The revised policy will still allow MCPS, government agencies and Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) to distribute printed materials in all schools at any time during the year. The updated Policy CNA decision trees for elementary and secondary schools may be found at

Directions to Schools and Facilities

MCPS QuickNotes

The back-to-school edition of MCPS QuickNotes is available online. MCPS QuickNotes is a monthly e-mail newsletter with the latest news and information about MCPS programs and activities. Please encourage your staff and your families to subscribe so they can have the latest news from MCPS. A blurb is provided below that you can include in your newsletters.
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The back-to-school edition of MCPS QuickNotes may be found at

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MCPS QuickNotes is a free e-mail service that provides subscribers with important news and information about MCPS programs and activities, plus emergency information. MCPS QuickNotes is offered in six languages: English, Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Visit to subscribe. Alert MCPS allows you to receive text messages or e-mail from the school system during weather-related emergencies and other major events that impact school system operations. Signing up for Alert MCPS is free, but please check with your wireless provider about charges associated with text messages. Sign up at

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MCPS QuickNotes es un servicio gratuito por correo electrónico que ofrece a los usuarios noticias e  información importante acerca de los programas y actividades de MCPS, además de información de emergencia. QuickNotes se ofrece en seis idiomas: inglés, chino, coreano, español, francés y vietnamita. Visite para suscribirse. Alerta MCPS le permite recibir mensajes del sistema escolar por texto o por correo electrónico durante emergencias relacionadas a condiciones meteorológicas y otros sucesos de importancia que afectan las operaciones del sistema escolar. Suscribirse para recibir Alerta MCPS es gratis, pero por favor verifique con su proveedor de servicios inalámbricos para saber si hay cargos asociados al envío de mensajes de texto. Suscríbase ingresando a


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