Education Academy

What is the Education Academy?

The Education Academy at Wootton is a comprehensive career program focused on encouraging high school students to consider careers in education, introduce them to the rewards and challenges of the profession, and to support them in pursuit of post secondary education. The Maryland State Department of Education, in collaboration with representatives from all county secondary school systems and the Maryland university system, developed a sequence of courses for the Education Academy. Students who take four courses in the Education Academy will earn college credits that are designed to articulate to a Maryland post secondary teacher education program. This instructional program is aligned with the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) standards and with the National Council for the Accreditation for Teacher Education standards (NCATE). Interested students may also elect to take some of the courses in the Education Academy.

Foundation Level Course

Child and Adolescent Development is the foundation level course in the Education Academy. High school students enroll in this year-long course that is taught in the unique lab school environment. Learning and developmental theories are studied and applied in practical experiences with the pre-k children. Students can continue to the Advanced Level Courses in Child Development and Adolescent Development 2 and 3. Topics covered in the courses include creative and developmentally appropriate lessons and the skill of observing the growth and development of the children.

MC Partnership

For the Education Academy Pathway, Wootton students have the opportunity to enroll in Foundations of Education, a college-level course offered in partnership with Montgomery College for 3-4 college credits. This course is taught at Wootton High School during the internship class periods.


Internships in Education are offered to students in all Education Academy Pathways. Students have the opportunity to intern in grades pre-k through grade 12 in Wootton cluster schools and private schools for 2 - 3 periods each day. This internship is an Advanced Level Course. Seminars are held on a regular schedule to supplement their learning and understanding of professionalism, curriculum and lesson planning, and classroom behavior and management techniques. Interns develop professional portfolios based on the INTASC standards used in college teacher education programs.

Academy Head

Ms. Rebecca O'Neill- Contact