2023-2024 PTSA Board and Committees

Executive Board:

President:  Debby Orsak

Vice President:  Soujanya Giambone and Farah Qureshi

Secretary:  Julie Merberg

Treasurer:  Debbie Corwin



Awards: Coordinates the applications and selection process for PTSA awards and grants. This requires some work in the spring when various annual awards are made to students, teachers and parents.  Chair: Debby Orsak


Cluster Representative: Serves as liaison between the Walter Johnson PTSA and the rest of the WJ Cluster. Duties include attending monthly Cluster meetings to discuss issues affecting the cluster, planning strategy for cluster testimony to the Board of Education on issues concerning our schools, writing testimony, and reporting back to the WJ community during the PTSA meetings.  Chairs:  Nermine Demopoulos, Jim Bradley and Debbie Berger


Counseling Advisory Committee (CAC): Works with the WJ Counseling Department and the school administration to improve school communication, helps with educational parenting and college planning meetings and runs practice SAT and ACT tests.  Chairs: Karen Greenfeld, Debby Orsak, and Maria Turner 


Health & Wellness Summit:  Serves as a resource to educate the community on issues related to the health and wellness of WJ students. Chair: Vacant


Hospitality & Staff Appreciation:  Coordinates activities relating to the annual PTSA Fall Breakfast (August), Spring Luncheon (April) and Appreciation Week (May) for WJ faculty and staff and provides refreshments for various PTSA meetings and events.  Chair:  Melanie Mouyard


Learning Differences and Special Needs:  Gathers and disseminates information on programs and resources for students with special needs and their parents.  Chair: Vacant


The Lineup Student Directory: Coordinates the creation of the print and electronic WJ Student Directory called "The Lineup." Chairs: Julie Merberg and Karen Schneider         


MCCPTA Delegates: Attend monthly MCCPTA meetings and represent WJ's interests in the voting, and report back to the PTSA. Chair: Heather Bruskin


Membership:  Coordinates the annual PTSA membership drive. Prepares and distributes flyers encouraging families to join the PTSA. Collects dues and maintains a roster of PTSA members. Distributes directories to PTSA members and students.  Chair:  Julie Merberg


Minority Parent Council: Previously known as the NAACP Parent Council.  The purpose of the Minority Parent Council is to provide a forum where interested community members may offer assistance, guidance, and support to parents and students of color at WJ to pursue the highest quality education possible through encouragement, information sharing, critical evaluation, and advocacy.  Chair: Kulika Frazier


Post Prom Party Coordinates post prom party in partnership with the county Project Prom committee.  Chair:  Natasha Hurwitz


Website: Designs and maintains the PTSA website.  Chair:  Becky Miller