WJ Post Prom Committee

Chairperson: Natasha Hurwitz  

The Post Prom Committee is looking for the following donations to help make this annual event a big success for our seniors.


GIFT PRIZE DONATIONS: We also would appreciate donations of gift cards, gift baskets/items, and/or certificates for fun local teen activities that can be handed out as prizes at the event. Please check back closer to the event for a link to the Amazon Wishlist. Or send a message to wjpostpromparty@gmail.com if you have some gift cards on hand that you would like to donate to a senior! 

For more information on donations and/or to get the school tax id, please check back later in order to download the donation request form.  

Business and community organizations that contribute $200 or more as a financial donation, or as gift cards will be recognized in a special way.   

For more information on the party, go here!