Learning Differences Committee

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This committee gathers and disseminates information on programs and resources for students with learning differences and their parents.  If there is a topic or issue that you believe should be raised, email on of the chairpersons by clicking the names above.

The Learning Differences Committee supports parents and guardians of students with learning differences or any other special or physical need.  We provide information regarding resources and strategies for our children’s success, and encourage inclusion in all aspects of school (and community) life.  We’re also here to answer questions, or point you in the right direction.

Below are links to some helpful resources:

Montgomery County Special Education Advisory Committee

MCPS Department of Special Education

MCPS Department of Special Education Parent Resources

Disability Rights Maryland, Maryland’s Public Advocate
http://disabilityrightsmd.org/  (formerly known as the Maryland Disability Law Center)

A New Understanding of Attention Deficit Disorder, Thomas Brown PhD (Yale University)
http://www.drthomasebrown.com (this site has numerous pieces of executive functioning literature and resources)

Autism Society Montgomery County

Partnership for Extraordinary Minds (a/k/a xMinds)
http://www.xminds.org/ (a local nonprofit that supports MCPS students on the autism spectrum)

Down Syndrome Network of Montgomery County

Below are links to a few helpful handbooks and articles:

Special Education Rights: A Handbook for Maryland Families and Professionals (DisabilityRights Maryland 2013)

School Discipline: A Handbook for Maryland Families and Professionals (DisabilityRights Maryland 2016) 

Executive, Describing Six Aspects of a Complex Syndrome

ADHD From Stereotype to Science

The WJHSLD listserv.

The WJ PTSA LD Committee invites parents and guardians of students with learning differences and/or other special needs, to sign up for the WJHSLD listserv. Members of the WJHSLD will receive notifications of school and community resources and events, transition meetings information, and other information (though some of this kind of information will be posted on the main PTSA list, more will be posted on WJHSLD). Members may also ask questions and share information related to their students’ needs, such as community resources, extracurricular opportunities, accommodations, and strategies for success. Membership is open and aimed at parents or guardians of WJ students with learning differences, physical or other special needs, or who receive any special education supports, services, or any accommodations (e.g., have an IEP or 504 Plan for any reason).

When signing up, please confirm that you are a WJ parent or guardian.

To sign-up for WJHSLD send a blank email to WJPTSALearning+subscribe@groups.io and you should be added to the group.   

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