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Studio Arts

Studio arts are offered in all three grades at Julius West, as part of the arts rotation. The curriculum is designed to meet all State and National Standards, and the course requirements of the Middle Years Programme. A variety of media is explored and lessons are designed to meet age-appropriate and individual skill levels. Student artwork is regularly displayed within the school and at local venues. The courses are designed to prepare students for high school art classes.

Vision statement: "Our vision is for students to become reflective and expressive artists who are able to investigate and communicate their personal experiences in the world around them."

Information for the Visual Art Center (VAC) at Einstein High School: The VAC is a nationally recognized advanced art magnet program for grades 9-12.  For more information about the program, application-process, and portfolio requirements please visit their website at: and/or contact Mrs. Dwyer or Ms. Taylor.

Staff Members 

Katherine Dwyer
Maria Galeano
Carrie Hollingsworth



Theatre is an art with roots that extend deeply into the human experience. In a time-honored tradition that stretches back to the first enacting storytellers, theatrical expression has enriched religious rite, voiced the concerns of individuals and society, and explored the frontiers of curiosity and creativity.  From the need to communicate expressively, theatre has provided society with a unique way of examining its condition, its fears, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Theatre provides students with intellectual, aesthetic, social, and technical proficiency.

Staff Members 

Cynthia Diehl


Lights, Camera, Literacy (LCL)

The Lights, Camera, Literacy! (LCL!) middle school series focuses on increasing literacy in both written and visual texts, implementing authentic use of vocabulary, improving collaboration skills, building confidence and motivation, and providing opportunities for higher-level thinking.

Staff Members 

Suzanne Messing

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