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Meghan Styles - Design & Computer Applications 

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Tech Ed


Scott Blume - Tech Ed

6th grade - MS Introduction to Tech and Engineering

  • 9 weeks (One Quarter, Part of Arts Elective Rotation)
  • Students are introduced to technological systems and learn and apply the Engineering Design Process to a variety of challenges. Students are introduced to Computer Aided Design using TinkerCAD.

7th grade - MS Innovation and Engineering Design

  • 18 weeks (One Semester)
  • Students learn the importance of invention and innovation in technological development and apply engineering-thinking skills and technical skills to complete each step of the engineering design process to creatively address a real world challenge. Students learn or extend technical drawing and Computer Aided Design skills. This course is accessible for students who have not taken the Grade 6 Engineering courses.

8th grade - Technology Systems

  • 18 weeks (One Semester)
  • Technological Systems is designed to introduce students to systems and processes to develop an understanding of the impact of technology on humans, the environment, and the global community. By investigating systems through their function, design, and development, students will understand what systems are, why they are developed and how ‘systems thinking’ can be used to describe them. Students engage in activities and experiences where they evaluate the impacts of technology through the lenses of culture, society, economics and the environment.