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Staff Members

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Awards and Recognition


  • Sara Beabout was awarded the 2013 Simon McNeely Health Educator of the Year
  • Jimmy Little was awarded the 2014 MAHPERD Middle School Teacher of the Year
  • Julius West Physical Education has been recognized as a Maryland State Demonstration Program for the 2014-2019 school years.
  • Brittany Trail was awarded the 2016 MAHPERD Middle School Teacher of the year. Andy Lee was awarded 2017 Simon McNeely Physical Education Teacher



"Our mission is for ALL students to become health and physically literate by establishing a growth mindset that drives health habits, movement, and positive relationships"

(Julius West M.S. Physical Education Department, 2018-2019)


What is Physical Literacy?


  •  Development of decision making, problem solving, and physical skills through a variety of movement opportunities.


  • Demonstration of knowledge and positive relationship skills through movement, speaking, writing, and listening.


Desire to: 

  • Maintain healthy habits. 
  • Continually work to improve our bodies.
  • Develop our mental capacity to succeed.

Our Approach Combines Tactical Games and Sport Education which:

  • Engages students,
  • Fosters teamwork, problem solving, and creative thinking, and
  • Improves communication and social skills.

Julius West Fitness Standards

PE Fitness Standards Chart