College Visits to Wootton

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A list of college admissions representatives who will be visiting Wootton seniors this fall is maintained on the Naviance web site. To view this dynamic list, go to

  •  Open your Naviance account with your email and the password you created. 
  •  Click on the first tab "Colleges."
  •  Look and click on the right side link "View Upcoming College Visits." 
  •  Look at the College Visits and see which one you would like to attend and click "Sign Up."
  •  Information about the visit will be displayed.  You must click the box "Sign me up" to confirm.
  •  A green confirmation box will appear at the top. 
  •  Print the confirmation page and show your teacher for that period.
  •  To be excused from class, you must be on the confirmed list.

Remember, attendance at any college visit is always at the discretion of your teacher and all class work missed is expected to be made up. Attendance will be taken for every visit and the Attendance Office will be given a daily account of all students who attended these sessions. 

Campus Visit Checklist & Campus Visits Online

Seniors will be allowed a maximum of 5 days per school year. Juniors will be allowed a maximum of 3 days during their second semester. Students MUST bring in documentation from the campus/university to the attendance office before or after their college visit in order for the absence to be excused. Absences will not be excused during exam weeks. Friday, May 6th is the last day for school approved college visits. 

  • Take a campus tour.
  • Have an interview with admissions officer.
  • Get business cards and names of people you meet for future contacts.
  • Pick up financial aid forms.
  • Participate in a group information session at the admissions office.
  • Sit in on a class of a subject that interests you.
  • Talk to a professor in your chosen major or in a subject that interests you.
  • Talk to coaches of sports in which you might participate.
  • Talk to a student or counselor in the career center.
  • Spend the night in a dorm.
  • Read the student newspaper.
  • Try to find other student publications—department newsletters, alternative newspapers, literary reviews.
  • Scan bulletin boards to see what day-to-day student life is like.
  • Eat in the cafeteria.
  • Ask students why they chose the college.
  • Wander around the campus by yourself.
  • Read for a little while in the library and see what it's like.
  • Search for your favorite book in the library.
  • Ask students what they hate about the college.
  • Ask students what they love about the college.
  • Browse in the college bookstore.
  • Walk or drive around the community surrounding the campus.
  • Ask students what they do on weekends.
  • Listen to the college's radio station.
  • Try to see a dorm that you didn't see on the tour.
  • Imagine yourself attending this college for four years.

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