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Internship Information for Students and Parents


What is an Executive Internship?

     An executive Internship is a rigorous, high-quality, profession-focused experience. This program allows juniors and seniors to explore and clarify career options in a chosen area of academic interest. Students are required to use verbal, analytical, questioning, and writing skills while participating in their internship. The general expectations of the internship site will be followed throughout the experience


Why take an Executive Internship?

All students enrolled in this program should gain personal and professional experience that will assist them in meeting their lifetime goals. An internship enables students to identify a field of interest, observe and participate in related professional activities, and understand a chosen profession’s requirements and culture. This will help a student determine if a profession is compatible with one’s interests, values, skills, and aptitudes. Students will integrate academic knowledge to the professional setting and apply that acquired knowledge to a variety of experiences. Students will develop interpersonal communication skills, advance their social skills, and mature in their personal habits as a function of working in a professional environment.


Considerations for an Internship

*Undertaking an Executive Internship requires careful consideration and commitment. Consider the following questions when planning for your internship:

  • How many periods per day can I devote to my internship? *Internships are ONLY scheduled during 7th period (double period 6th and 7th period by IC (facilitator) permission only. Travel periods may be arranged with your counselor’s approval.
  • What extracurricular activities might conflict with or interfere with my internship obligations? *Be realistic about your time commitments beyond the school day
  • Can I maintain an excellent attendance record at the internship site? *Regular and punctual attendance are required and expected in a professional setting.
  • Am I willing to work hard, learn new things, and accept the responsibilities given to me at my internship site? * Taking initiative, asking questions, and behaving in a professional manner (ex. no phones) is essential in the professional setting.
  • Do I have the maturity necessary to communicate effectively with my coordinators and mentor without reminders? *It is the intern’s responsibility to check all mailboxes for any internship related communication and attend all required meetings.
  • Do I have excellent time management skills and am I capable of multitasking? *Interns are expected to complete all tasks on time and with great care in the professional setting.
  • Do I have reliable transportation to and from the internship site? *MCPS does not provide any transportation or assistance with transportation for interns. Interns are responsible for their own transportation to and from the internship site.
  • Am I disciplined enough to meet project deadlines, complete paperwork, follow procedures and expectation exactly as they are required? *Professional behavior and demeanor are always expected of students in the internship setting.


Locating an Internship Site

   The best internship experiences are those which the students have actively secured.  This requires that each prospective intern actively participates in the search for an internship. A prospective intern must create a resume and cover letter. It is suggested that students interview family, friends, and other contacts about career realities and opportunities. Prospective interns must research and seek out opportunities for placement as would be done in the university setting. Securing a placement often takes several weeks or months to complete and is NOT guaranteed. The IC will assist with searching for but cannot not provide placements. All placements must be approved by the Internship Coordinator.

Please consider the following when looking for an internship site:

  • Work permits may be required for interns under 18 years of age. Permits are available in the Counseling Office.
  • Some sites require interns to be American citizens and/or over 16 years of age.
  • The intern must always be supervised by an adult and the location must have at least two adult employees.
  • The site must be a safe work environment and may not be in a private home.
  • Interns may NOT routinely drive as part of the job, open or close the business without adult supervision, transport money, perform work that requires strenuous lifting, working in or around motor vehicles or with heavy equipment.


1. Spring semester of sophomore/junior year during course registration window-
  • begin internship search
  • begin preparing your interview binder/portfolio which contains your resume, cover letter, recommendations, and any relevant work samples that will help in your internship search* please try to convert this into digital format
2. Spring semester of sophomore /junior year
  • continue to search for fall internship placement
3. Summer before junior/ senior year-
  • Write your resume, cover letter, and secure your letter of confirmation/verification. (You will need these 3 items during the first days of classes and prior to beginning your fall internship placement)
  • Complete any additional required paperwork or trainings /clearances required by your mentor or internship site (i.e., NIH or internship site s will require clearances and trainings)
  1. *A MANDATORY ORIENTATION meeting will take place on the first day of classes during your internship period- please listen to announcements and check your school mail for location.

What are the requirements of an Executive Internship?

An Executive Internship is a semester long academic elective course completed during 7th period of the school day or after school. *Internships are ONLY scheduled during 7th period (double period 6th and 7th period by facilitator permission only. Travel periods may be arranged with your counselor’s approval).

The student receives honors elective credit in accordance with MCPS grading policies and procedures. Interns will be working in professional settings and are expected to always behave in a professional manner.  The intern is expected to be punctual, work hard, act responsibly and maturely, maintain internship site confidentiality expectations, dress appropriately, and effectively carry out all components of his placement. All MCPS and WJHS policies apply to all interns and all aspects of the internship program. Violations of policies and procedures or recommendation from mentor or IC,  may result in removal from the program and/or other consequences in accordance with MCPS policy.

1. Required Hours

 The intern must complete the required hours to earn course credit during the entire semester. Currently, that is a minimum of 75 documented and verified hours per registered period.  That would equate to 150 hours for a registered double period. While a structured daily schedule usually provides the best learning experience, flexibility may be required to optimize the internship learning experience. More flexible schedules can be arranged with the approval of the intern, mentor, coordinator, and parent. Students are not required to attend their internship if MCPS is closed or if emergency procedures are in place.

2. Attendance/Grades – Executive Internship is assessed as any other academic course.

  • Attendance is required for the duration of the semester and is recorded in the school through daily sign out in the main office and at the worksite through internship site attendance verification logs. No student may leave the building until the required MCPS forms are completed and on file with administration. Students MUST sign in and out daily in the Main Office for daily attendance.
  • Grading-Interns must submit signed and verified logs and separate reflections (sets) for each week of placement (generally Monday-Friday) on assigned dates. Sets, coordinator meetings /seminars, reflections, submission of MCPS required internship form, resume/ cover letter, and mentor evaluations make up your quarter grade.
3. Communication
  • It is required that the intern have an active MCPS internet account. All communication regarding the program is exclusively made through MCPS accounts.

High School Intershhip Program Agreement

If you have questions:

Questions about internships may be emailed to Geraldine_A_Acquard@mcpsmd.org