APEX Scholars

Ms. Kathy Simmons
Mr. Nathan Schwartz
Program Coordinators
Email: Nathan Schwartz | Phone: 301-803-7305

Kathy Simmons Ms. Kathy Simmons

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The Course of Study | Admission Process | Benefits | Program Rewards |
4 Year Planning | Teachers | All About APEX Slideshow | The APEX Brochure |
The Profile of APEX Scholars | Letter sent to 8th grade families about the APEX Program

Applying to APEX: Application Timeline | Online Application |
About Teacher Evaluations in Support of Applications


  • APEX Results

    Results of the APEX screening will be emailed out the evening of Friday, January 26, 2018. They will be sent to the parent email provided on Part 1 of the application and to the student email provided. If you have applied to APEX, then you should register for AP Government, Honors English, and Honors Biology. Later second semester, those in APEX will have their schedules adjusted to be in APEX classes.

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