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When planning your course selections please consider:

  1. Courses labeled with an asterisk are courses that APEX Scholars must complete and will apply toward mandated graduation requirements.
  2. Students who have completed Honors Geometry successfully prior to entry to WJ may accelerate all mathematics choices.
  3. AP Biology and AP Chemistry are double-period courses. All AP sciences have as a prerequisite the successful completion of the honors-level course for the same content.

Grade Nine

  • English - Honors English 9* (APEX)
  • Foreign Language - entry level 1 through 3 (honors level 3)
  • Mathematics - Honors Geometry or appropriate math level
  • Social Studies - AP Government and Politics* (APEX)
  • Science - Honors Biology* (APEX)

Grade Ten

  • English- Honors English 10* (APEX)
  • Foreign Language level 2 through 4 as appropriate (honors level 3 or 4)
  • Mathematics - Algebra 2 with Analysis
  • Social Studies - AP United States History* (APEX)
  • Science - Honors Chemistry* and/or Honors Physics
    (APEX Scholars with prerequisite may choose AP Biology)

Grade Eleven

  • English - Honors English 11 or AP English Language and Composition*
  • Foreign Language (optional choice)
  • Mathematics - Pre-Calculus w/Analysis and/or AP Statistics
  • Social Studies - AP World History* (APEX)
  • Science - Honors Physics* and/or AP Level Choice

Grade Twelve

  • English - Honors English 12 A/B or AP English Literature*
  • Foreign Language (optional choice)
  • Mathematics - AP Calculus and/or AP Statistics
  • Social Studies - AP Level choice
  • Science - AP Level Choice
  • Senior Seminar (one semester APEX course - offered Monday evenings)

Additional APEX Electives Choices

APEX Elective choices may require prerequisites taken in the lower grades.

  • Art - AP Art History, AP Studio Art
  • Computer Science - AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science AB
  • Language - AP level in French or Spanish Language or Literature or Latin
  • Social Studies - AP Comparative Govt., AP European History, AP Human Geography, AP Psychology
  • Science - AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2
    AP Physics C

APEX Scholars must complete all of the courses marked with an asterisk for each discipline, at each grade level. In cases where a course is not marked with an asterisk, the course is optional for the APEX Scholar and does not meet a graduation requirement. APEX Scholars are encouraged to select as many additional courses from those listed as their individual program and interests allow. In cases where an alternative to an advanced placement course is listed, students electing the alternative are expected to successfully complete the alternative at the honors level.


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