My name is Margie O’Brien, and I am the Staff Development Teacher at Wheaton Woods. I’ve worked in Montgomery County Public Schools for over 30 years. In my position, I have the privilege of supporting the professional learning of our staff. I also welcome opportunities to work with students and their families.

This year, my biggest priority is Eureka Math! Eureka Math is a new math curriculum for us at Wheaton Woods, and our teachers have been working hard to plan and teach lessons. I’m trying to make sure that teachers have a clear understanding of all of the components of Eureka Math lessons and that they have all of the resources that they need. I’m also available to support families with Eureka Math. It was wonderful to see so many families at our Math Night on October 2nd! Many of the strategies that are used in Eureka Math lessons are different from traditional teaching around math that many adults have experienced. Math Night provided an opportunity for families to engage in math learning experiences using Eureka Math strategies. Parents can also find Eureka Math resources by creating an account on

I’m also responsible for supporting our work with DreamBox Learning. DreamBox is an online learning platform. It provides a rigorous and highly adaptive math curriculum which meets the individual needs of learners. Our students are making excellent progress and having fun as they work on their DreamBox lessons. Families can also access DreamBox lessons and resources outside of school. Simply use the Wheaton Woods unique web address - Then students can log into their accounts using their usernames and passwords.

If you have any questions, I am happy to help! Please contact me via email at