Linkages to Learning

The Linkages to Learning program at Wheaton Woods Elementary School assists students and their families by offering a wide variety of services aimed at helping children succeed in all areas of life, particularly in school, at home, and within the community. 


To improve the well-being of children and their families through a collaborative delivery of school-based services that address the social, economic, health, and academic success of a child.


Child & Family Therapist (Adriana Vargas):                240-740-0239
Family Case Manager (Byron Diaz):                            240-740-0237 


We provide:

1.      English classes

2.      Cooking classes

3.      Driving laws classes

4.      Safety food classes

5.      Small business classes and trainings

6.      Day care training

7.      CPR and First Aid training

8.      Small business training

...and more


Community School Coordinator

  • Assesses the needs and strengths of the entire school community and provides programs and educational opportunities to meet those needs.
  • Examples of some programs offered could include:
    • After school programs
    • ESOL classes
    • Summer Camps
    • Parent/Youth Governance Committee
    • Parent Workshops

Family Case Manager

  • Case management services including: 
    • Basic needs like clothing and food
    • Employment assistance
    • Eligibility and financial resources
    • Referrals to access services and supports in the community to reach individualized goals
  • Peer support groups
  • Workshops for parents on important topics such as: 
    • Immigration
    • Housing
    • Finances
    • Legal issues
    • Parenting skills

Child and Family Therapist

  • Individual early intervention and prevention mental health therapy sessions with students 
    • To address topics including: life transitions (divorce, grief/loss, reunification), social skills, self-esteem, coping with stress and anger, coping with emerging signs of anxiety and depression
  • Family therapy (sessions with siblings, parents, whole families)
  • Groups on a varietyof topics including social skills, anger management, and coping skills
  • Consultation for teachers on classroom behavior management techniques