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Pre K

Head Start Teacher- Ms. Kelly Olewack  
Pre-K Teacher- Ms. Toosdhi Williams   



PreK/Head Start Quarter 3: 

During the third quarter, we will begin a theme called, “Imagine It, Make It” which is an exploration of imagination and creativity.  Children will share their feelings and ideas through art, dance, dramatic play, building, and music.  After that, we will move into a theme called, “Growing Up Healthy.” In this theme, children will learn about nutritious eating, exercise, and other positive ways of taking care of themselves.  We will also learn about what to do in case of an emergency and how to call 911.    


PreK/Head Start Quarter 4: 

In the fourth quarter, we will begin a new theme called, “Nature All Around Us.”  Children will investigate nature that will cover many science topics such as plants and how they grow, the sun and the moon, and weather and the seasons.  During our final theme, “Moving On,” we will look back on the year to celebrate children’s accomplishments.  And because children are getting ready for kindergarten, this theme will prepare them for moving on by talking about new experiences, especially going new places for the very first time.