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 In December


This month in fifth grade the students are hard at work in all areas of the curriculum! In math we are wrapping up long division and are beginning to work on adding and subtracting fractions. In reading we are studying mysteries, and in science we continue studying magnetism and electricity.

Our writing inquiry project integrates our social studies curriculum as we examine historical figures of the American Revolution and Conflict, Compromise and Change. Please join us for our Living Museum Family Engagement Night where the students will be displaying these projects!


In January

Fifth graders are excitedly awaiting the arrival of their Middle School placements this month!  Please keep an eye on the mailbox!  As we enter the second semester, in math fifth graders are extending their knowledge of fractions by multiply and dividing fractions. 

In science we wrap up electricity and magnets and begin our unit on astronomy, planets and space exploration.   Also, we will present our research and design of our Inquiry Projects on the American Revolution.  We hope all families will join us that evening.  


In February

As we enter February, in math fifth graders are deepening their knowledge of fractions by multiply and dividing fractions. 

In science we continue our unit on Astronomy with the study of the stars and moon phases. 

For reading we will be working on figurative language and inferences as they relate to poetry. 

In social studies, we will be studying population growth, migration patterns and settlement in Maryland.  Finally we will be concentrating on informational writing this month in Language Arts.  


In March 

The fifth grade students will be taking the PARCC test in March, so be sure to get a good night’s rest and be ready for the test.  







This November the fifth grade is excited to begin new learning topics for the second quarter. In science, we will explore magnetism and electricity. 

Our next writing projects include using our narrative techniques to write a tall tale, as well as researching an American Revolutionary War figure to portray in our Living Museum this winter.  

In math, we will be working on dividing 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers and adding and subtraction fractions. 

Also, we continue growing our reading skills in literature and informational text.  We look forward to meeting our Kindergarten Book Buddies this month as well.  Remember to keep up with your Reading Logs and get them signed each day.  Have you scheduled a conference with your child’s teacher? Enjoy your family and friends during Thanksgiving break this year!










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Cool picture of Earth and Moon as seen from deep space.