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In December


Thank you to all the parents who came out and met with us during Parent conferences in November. We are well into the second marking period, don’t let too much time go by if you have questions regarding how your child is doing in class. Send us a note, email, or stop by before or after school to chat about your student. In December, fourth grade students will be continuing to use their research to write to inform others about a community. They will also begin opinion writing using the Units of Study during this month. In reading, the students will be using informational text that ties our study of economics in social studies with our writing of a community profile. In math, we will be working with place value in order to divide 4-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. Please continue to have your child practice their multiplication and division facts at home to help them be successful in school. 




 Maryland Economic Inquiry

MCPL Summer Reading List



In January 

Your child has been learning how to use the google technology associated with the Chromebooks in order to enrich the learning they are doing in the classroom.  Ask your child  about something they enjoy about this new technology.  This month in math, fourth graders are solving word problems involving intervals of time, units of measurement (mass, capacity, and weight), and money.  Students are using their multiplication and division knowledge in order to solve and convert these measurement problems. 

During reading and social studies, students will be reading informational texts about European Explorers and discuss reasons why they began their explorations.  Ferdinand Magellan and Christopher Columbus are among several of the explorers we will be reading about.  With the end of the second quarter approaching, we will be wrapping up our life science unit.  We will be discussing how pollution, technology, and people positively and negatively affect the environment, and specifically the Chesapeake Bay.


In February

The third marking period is in full swing.  In Math, fourth graders will be solving problems regarding fractions.  Encourage your child to help you follow recipes at home, especially ones that use fractional amounts of ingredients.  During Reading, students will begin reading Myths and traditional literature, focusing on Greek Mythology.  In Social Studies, we are continuing with History and Culture as we begin to discuss settlements in the United States.  We will be focusing on reasons why colonists chose the areas in which they settled and reasons why they worked (or didn’t work).  In Science, we begin to learn about Earth Science and weather along with Physical Science and the states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas).   


In March

Please make sure that your child gets a good night’s sleep the night before and is on time to school so that they can do their very best.  In Math, fourth graders will continue to work with fractions, moving from comparing fractions to multiplying fractions with whole numbers.  We will also be revisiting measurement in data, looking at solving problems involving intervals of time and mass.  At the end of the quarter we will begin Geometry, identifying points, lines, and whether a line is parallel or perpendicular.  During Reading, students will be reading informational texts about weather, which ties in with what they have learned 

previously in Science.  In Science, we will be continuing to track seasonal weather data and look at trends over time in regards to weather patterns.  Additionally, in Social Studies, we will be using our knowledge of why early colonists came to the New World in order to apply it to learning about settlements in Maryland with a focus on St. Mary’s City.  We will be focusing on reasons why colonists chose the areas in which they settled and reasons why they worked (or didn’t work).   

In November


In November, fourth grade students will be researching in order to inform others about a community in writing. In reading, the students will be reading plays, poetry, and traditional literature. In math, we will be working with measurement and data in order to multiply 2-digit by 1-digit numbers.  Talk with your child about how they feel about their basic multiplication facts.  Multiplication is a large concept in fourth grade, please practice these facts with your child to help them improve their mathematical skills.