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In September 1952, Wheaton Woods Elementary school opened in a brand new community with about 100 students. The front of the building facing Faroe Place is the original structure, but the school has expanded five times. The wing on the Parkland Road side was added in 1954 and in 1958 the wing on the Evanston Road side was added. By the time the All-Purpose Room was built in 1968, the school had grown to more than 1100 students.

In 1976, with enrollment down to around 600, a massive renovation added the gymnasium, the music room, art center, the craft room and an enlarged media center. The office suite was also improved and more storage space was added as well as central air-conditioning.

During the 1992-1993 school year, Wheaton Woods celebrated its fortieth year. The school held a weekend celebration with an evening of arts, music and a day-long old-fashioned picnic.

At the end of the 2001-2002 school year, Wheaton Woods celebrated its fiftieth year. The PTA sponsored a dance with a fabulous D.J. We had delicious birthday cake along with dance contests and prizes. Community members were invited as well.

What was the world like when Wheaton Woods opened in 1952?

  • The President of the United States of America was Harry Truman
  • The Vice President was Albert Barkley
  • Albert Schweitzer was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
  • The most popular song was "Glow Worm" by the Mills Brothers
  • The New York Yankees won the World Series
  • The Best Picture Oscar went to "The Greatest Show on Earth"
  • Gary Cooper won the Oscar for his portrayal of Sheriff Will Kane in "High Noon"
  • Kellogs's Frosted Flakes were produced and sold for the first time
  • Puerto Rico created its Constitution
  • Gasoline cost 20¢ per gallon
  • Tuition to Harvard University cost $600 per year
  • A new house cost $9,075
  • A movie ticket cost 70¢