Rosanna Baek, Reading, ESL & World Languages Content Specialist

"To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world." ---Chinese Proverb

The goal of the Rocky Hill Middle School World Languages program is to prepare students to be linguistically and culturally competent in languages other than English.  The ability to communicate in a culturally appropriate manner with speakers of other languages is the key to success in the increasingly diverse global community of the 21st century.  As students develop proficiency in world languages and an understanding of the underlying values and beliefs of other cultures, they gain the skills that are essential to meaningful communication.  World languages courses must be taken in sequential order.  The prerequisite for all courses, except 1A, is either successful completion of the preceding course or a local placement test.

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Why should I study a foreign language?

Personal Reasons

  1. To open my eyes to the world.
  2. To develop an appreciation for diversity.
  3. To develop a deeper understanding of other people . . . and myself.
  4. To become a more cultured person.
  5. To enrich my travels.
  6. To make new friends from other places.
  7. To be able to understand the words of songs, tv shows, movies, and literature in another language.
  8. To be able to understand the names of the dishes at my favorite ethnic restaurants.
  9. Because Rocky Hill has the best foreign language teachers around!!!

These are just a few reasons. Can you think of any more?

Career/Academic Reasons

  1. To improve my English through comparison and contrast to other languages.
  2. To develop language, memory, and study skills.
  3. To increase my chances of obtaining a high score on the college entrance exam (SAT).
  4. To set myself apart from other college applicants.
  5. To get in to college.
  6. To be able to participate in a study abroad program.
  7. To prepare myself for a greater number of career opportunities.
  8. To make myself a more competitive job candidate.
  9. To make myself a more valuable employee.
  10. To make more money!

These are just a few reasons. Can you think of any more?  

Why should I study Spanish?

  1. Spanish is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world. Over 300 million people in the world speak Spanish.
  2. Spanish is spoken by many of the closest neighbors of the US.
  3. Job opportunities with Mexico have increased as a result of NAFTA.
  4. The US is the third largest Spanish speaking country in the world. Over 10% of the US population speaks Spanish. The fourth largest Spanish speaking city in the world is Los Angeles. You can use your Spanish skills right at home!
  5. English skills can improve by studying Spanish. Spanish has contributed many words to English (plaza, siesta, cigar, rodeo, sierra, enchilada) and there are many cognates (profesora, ventana, estudiate, libro).

These are just a few reasons. Can you think of any more?

Why should I study French?

French is used by over 200 million people in more than 50 countries around the world. It is a language for international communication, culture, diplomacy and business. It improves test scores and reinforces English skills, making the French the language for today's students.

How Can Parents Help?

  • Purchase picture dictionaries or vocabulary charts (ex: Spark Chart)-NO translators!
  • Encourage oral practice of new vocabulary.
  • Watch Spanish or French TV or movies.
  • Eat in Hispanic or French restaurants.
  • Share current events from Spanish or French countries.
  • Listen to music from Spanish or French speaking countries.
  • Check your grades!