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ActivInspire Personal Edition (allows you to download a personal edition of ActivInspire so that you can view teacher flip charts at home) Download Link


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Do you have WILDCAT PRIDE?
Check out how our PBIS program works-click on the link above.

You can now follow Rocky Hill Athletics on Twitter: @MCPS_RHWildcats for updates on games, cancelations, and "Athletes of the Week".

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education: As part of the 21st Century Learning Spaces MCPS initiative, all Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) staff and students received a Google Apps for Education account. A Google Apps for Education account is a cloud-based, collaborative application platform that provides access to a host of tools and services such as e-mail, online storage, and web-based communication and collaboration applications. Students and staff are assigned secured accounts to the learning environment and are able to access their accounts through any web-enabled device using any mainstream web-browser. The assigned student and staff accounts enable document sharing, collaborative work, and assessment opportunities in this cloud-based platform. For MCPS, participating students and staff are assigned an “” Gmail-like account. Students and staff can log into their account via any web-enabled device (i.e. laptop/ desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone) using any modern web-browser (i.e. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari) at .

Students are restricted to only sending and receiving e-mail from other authorized MCPS account holders. Student progress and engagement will be monitored via a learning management system integrated into the platform that allows teachers to send information to students, offer real-time feedback, and monitor progress on activities. For more information on the 21st Century Learning Spaces Initiative, click the link provided: 21st Century Learning Spaces.   

At Rocky Hill we are introducing our students to Google Apps for Education accounts through English and Health classes. All students have their log in information, which can be found on the password sheet that each student received in November.


Giving parents tips and tools to help their children succeed in school. Please see the link for workshop dates and locations.

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How Your Child Learns-Links & Resources

  • This is a copy of the “What Are They Thinking! Encouraging your child to have a growth mindset”  presentation Karen Scharff gave to the parents. It provides an overview of growth and fixed mindsets and adolescent brain development.
  •  The Learning Brain – A kid friendly look at how the brain works and how to improve learning. This video was shared with all students in PRIDE time in September.
  • Mindset – This article explains the difference between demonstrating a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. This information was shared with all students in PRIDE time in October.
  • Here is a link to a youtube video explaining growth mindset.
  • This video clip demonstrates the research Dr. Dweck conducted on having a growth mindset.
  • Here are a few links to youtube videos explaining growth mindset:
  • - Wondermind is about a few things. It’s about the brilliant, amazing and truly mind-boggling stuff that’s going on inside your brain as you grow. It’s about the art of Alice in Wonderland, the exhibition at Tate Liverpool. And it’s about putting together both of those things: mixing art with science. Being good at one doesn’t mean you can’t be good at the other (in fact, it’s often the opposite).




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