Teresa Demosky-Tippett, Physical Education, Health, Arts & Music Content Specialist

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Mr. Shull | Ms. Demosky-Tippett | Ms. Brouillard

Physical education at Rocky Hill is an activity-oriented class designed to develop and maintain healthful habits that lead to increasing or maintaining an optimal level of physical fitness. Research indicates that healthful eating habits and a regular program of vigorous exercise are necessary to achieve these objectives. Physical education also helps develop positive social skills including positive sports manners, teamwork, cooperation and fun.

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Physical Education 

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Second Online PE Clothing Store!!!!

Online PE Clothing Store

The final online store to purchase PE clothing will be held October 23rd to November 5th! Be on the lookout for the store link! Remember, to choose "ship to school" to get free shipping! Also, be aware that clothing purchased in the online store will not come to Rocky Hill for a minimum of 3 weeks AFTER the final date of November 5th. Therefore, the EARLIEST items may arrive is the final week of November, if everything goes smoothly for the vendor. It could arrive later that. Thank you for your support of the PE and Health Department!

Online PE Clothing Store