Sixth Grade Interdisciplinary Team

Team Leader

  • Mrs. Sarah Abod, English 

Sixth Grade Teachers

  • Arts:  Ms. Wendy Abid (Visual Arts) and Mrs. Hanniyah Cooper (Coding, Computers, and Robotics)
  • Digital Literacy Mrs. Catherine Schmidt  
  • English:  Ms. Sarah Abod,  Mrs. Lauren Goldfarb and Mrs. Kathleen Kibler   
  • ESOL:  Mr. Andrew Finch and Mrs. Susan Pickell 
  • Language Arts:   Ms. Katia Bore-Falecker (French), Ms.  Maria Garcia (Spanish),Ms. Marley Otereo (Spanish) and Ms. Brooke Tilley (Spanish)  
  • Mathematics:  Ms. Amanda Leopold , Ms. Tonia Riggs & Ms. Lauren Sweeney
  • Music:  Ms. Ashley Kirkpatrick (Chorus & Theater) & Ms. Mary Lee Young (Instrumental)
  • Physical Education & Health:  Ms. Dana Coleman, Mr. Brian Graziano, Mr. Andrew Hirshorn, Ms. Julie Provino, & Mrs. Amy McCarthy 
  • Reading:  Mrs. Lynn Harrison, Mrs. Debbie Romano & Mrs. Catherine Schmidt 
  • Resource:   Mr. Finch, Ms. Erin Pearson, Ms. Lauren Sweeney & Ms. Stephanie Temme
  • Science:  Ms. Samantha Hull, Mr. Daniel Ottalini,  and Mr. Tim Williamson 
  • Social Studies:  Mrs. Pam Bailey & Mr. Hyde 
  • Counselor:  Mr. Jay Megary
  • Administrator:  Dr.  Shasha Lowe 

Team News & Notes



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