After School Activities

General Information about the John Poole After-School Activities Program 

After-school activities are held Tuesday through Thursday, after school every week throughout the school year, except where indicated on the school Website calendar. No activities are held on early release days or holidays. The Montgomery County Department of Recreation RecExtra program supports and supplements our after-school club offerings.  Most activities, except for interscholastic games and academic related clubs, will start at 2:45 and end at 4:15 pm.  Activity buses are available for students to ride home, but the routes are somewhat different than the regular bus routes; please check the activity bus schedule. Our consortium students will be required to have a car ride home.  Please contact Mr. Mattingly at John Poole MS if you have any questions about after-school activities program at 240-740-4200 or     

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Rec Extra Website:

Rec Extra Sign-up Forms are found on the RecXtra Bulletin Board or in room 310.


Philosophy of the John Poole After-School Activities Program

 We believe that after-school activities are an integral part of the total education process for middle school students. After-school activities provide students with the opportunity to extend academic opportunities, support new areas of interest, cultivate and enhance existing skills, and grow both socially and cognitively in a safe and supportive environment. We offer a broad range of activities over the course of the school year in an effort to reach out to the varied interests of our student population. Although these activities take place after the school day is over, all of John Poole P.R.I.D.E. goals and expectations remain the same. We believe the After-school Activity Program is a unique program that supports the need of all of our students. 

Activity Coordinator

  • Mr. Mattingly

Activity Bus

Click here for the list of activity bus route stops.

Activities and Sponsors

Activity      Sponsor
Intramurals Ms. Gerrie
Newspaper Club Ms. Lightcap
SSL Coordinator Ms. Kirby
Student Government Mr. Mattingly


List of RecXtra After-School Activities Programs 



Meeting Days


Tennis Club

Montgomery County Tennis and Education Foundation

Form Coming


Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, join RecXtra tennis to learn and work with Montgomery County Tennis and Education Foundation instructors.



Chill Zone


Ms. Mossy

Club Overview

Click here for Sign Up Form



Tuesdays and Thursdays 

Join the Chill Zone to relieve stress and find your center.  Play games friends, hang out with friends and learn strategies to take stress out of your life.


Chess Club


Ms. Rice

Club Overview and Sign up Form


Starting 2/21
Join Ms. Rice for our new RecXtra Chess Club. The Chess club will meet every Wednesday. Learn different strategies, compete against your friends, and take part in tournaments.


Gaming Club 3.0




Mrs. Crutchfield

Club Overview and Sign Up Form



Tuesdays and Thursdays


Currently Meeting

Students have the opportunity to explore and play games with their friends.  Make this your club with various creative opportunities including strategy games, retro games, and more.


Leos Club

Mrs. Crutchfield

Click here for overview and Sign Up Form

Every Other Wednesday

Starting September 28th 

Join Mrs. Crutchfield for LEOS Club to plan and implement service projects to support the Poolesville community.


List of Intramurals After School Activities

The middle school intramural program is open to all JPMS students and  is an extension of the physical education instructional program, including the development of movement skills, health-related fitness, and personal and social responsibility, conducted before and/or after school among students in the same school. 

The students must complete the following in order to attend the intramural activity:

  1. Be academically eligible (Minimum GPA 2.0)
  2. Submit the Parent/Guardian Permission Slip (paper copies in the locker rooms)
  3. Students who are enrolled in physical education must actively participate in class to be eligible to participate in intramural activities on that day.

Intramural Coordinator: Mrs. Kim Gerrie



Intramural Director



Aux. Gym 

Mrs. Gibbs


Table Tennis

Aux Gym 

Mrs. Gibbs



Aux Gym, Main Gym or Outside BB Courts 

Mr. Hartley 


Weight Training 

Weight Room 

Mr. Hartley 


Competitive Archery 

Main Gym 

Mrs. Gerrie 


Intramural Archery 

Main Gym 

Mrs. Gerrie 



List of Extra Curricular Activities

Club Description Sponsor Email
Drama Club Students can be involved through onstage roles and backstage functions. In a typical year, the club produces two shows, usually one in December and April.
Newspaper Club Students will have the opportunity to collaborate, research, write and disseminate information to the student body.  We meet on Wednesdays during lunch.
Student Ambassador Student Ambassadors are 8th grade leaders of the school who help bridge the gap between the school and community.  We participate in school/community events as hosts and tour guides.  We promote participation in other clubs activities and also work to encourage school engagement in all populations.

Library Advisory Board (LAB)

LAB is a group of students who are interested in having input into the library’s materials, services and programs.  Lab will:

  • Plan programs and displays
  • Plan Makerspace projects
  • Help with events
  • Help decide some of the books the library purchases

LAB will meet on Wednesdays after school until 4:15 in the media center

Generation Technology (GenTECH)

What is GenTECH?

  • The GenTECH Crew will learn how to troubleshoot and maintain Chromebooks used in classrooms at JPMS.  They will use those skills to assist teachers and students with technology troubleshooting.
  • The Crew will also build and maintain a website of news and information designed for the student audience.
  • The Crew will meet on Thursdays after school until 4:15 p.m. in the media center
Book Wars

Book Wars is an interscholastic book trivia competition where teams of students from all MCPS middle schools read the same books from the beginning of the year until March.  On March 21, 2024, the teams will meet with others in their district and compete for the honor of being named Book Wars Champions. 

Book Wars teams will meet weekly when possible, usually on Fridays, during TAP
Jazz Band Jazz Band is for students in advanced band and/ or orchestra who want to learn how to play different styles of Jazz repertoire. We will meet every other Wednesday in the spring.
Music Theory Club Music Theory Club will learn music theory concepts such as treble and bass clef, notation, note values, key signatures, time signatures, and more. It is open to any student interested in learning more about music. We will meet every other Wednesday in the spring.