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SSL Guidelines

Student Service Learning Hours are required hours for high school graduation. The qualifications for an organization and activity to be approved for student service learning hours are as follows:

  • The organization must be a non-profit tax-exempt organization.

  • The organization must be registered and listed (Approved SSL MCPS) on the web.

  • Please check to see if your favorite organization is on the web-site. If it does not appear, notify that organization and call the Montgomery County Volunteer Center 240-777-2600 for the process to approve it.

  • Students who have been awarded SSL hours for supporting public school athletic teams in the past by being statisticians, managers, etc. may no longer be awarded SSL hours for their service. Another method of reward will have to be considered. Hours served with athletic organizations such as MSI and PAA are still eligible for SSL.

  • If your organization is not on the approved list and it is non-profit, tax-exempt, you can get an approval with an Application for special activity form. This form must be submitted and approved BEFORE the activity takes place.

  • Complete details about the Student Service Learning program can be found at the MCPS SSL site.

 SSL Forms

  • These must be completely filled in with student number and all information for the activity and organization including addresses and phone number.

  • The reflection statement must be complete with at least 2-3 sentences for each of the three questions.

  • These forms can not be signed by a parent even if they were the ones in charge of the activity.

  • These forms must be turned in during the marking period they were completed.

    Forms can be downloaded and printed from the MCPS site.

  • Use the Verification Form to submit hours.

  • Use the Application for Special Activity Form to request that your organization be approved for SSL.

 SSL Form Deadlines

  • Forms for all summer hours earned are due by the last Friday in September.
  • Forms for all first semester hours are due the Friday in January before mid- term exams.
  • Forms for all second semester hours are due the Friday in June before final exams.
  • For exact dates contact Mrs. Arnold.

 Possible Volunteer Projects

  • Montgomery County Volunteer Center
    The Montgomery County Volunteer Center lists numerous opportunities for students to participate in projects that will also earn them SSL hours. The W/E KAN (Weekend/Evening Kids Action Network) Program offers supervised group activities for middle and high school students.
    Check out the calendar of upcoming events at Montgomery County's Volunteer Center web site.
    Contact the Montgomery Country Volunteer Center (240-777-2600) for more information and to sign up for the volunteer projects:
    Montgomery County MD Volunteer Center

JPMS SSL Coordinator

Nicole Kirby
John Poole Middle School

 5 Points of Information

Check the student service learning (SSL) section of your report card. Contact your school SSL coordinator with any discrepancies. Keep copies of all SSL documentation.
  1. Plan ahead to be involved in SSL activities over 3-day weekends and early release days.
  2. Select service-learning activities where careers can be explored and responsibility can be expanded.
  3. Before beginning any service be sure the organization and activities are pre-approved—either on the SSL Web site at or through MCPS Form 560-50, Application for SSL Special Activity.
  4. Know all about the SSL program in MCPS and follow the guidelines. Get program information from your school SSL coordinator or the Web site at