JPMS Principal's Corner

Welcome to my corner of the web.  This is a place where you can learn about ways of interacting with Mr. Green and having your voice heard.  

Welcome Letter from Mr. Green, Principal

Staying Up to Date

I am providing a number of ways for our community to stay up to date and engage in a dialogue on all of the great things happening at John Poole Middle School.  We will still post all vital information and updates on the John Poole Middle School website however, we will also be using a number of interactive technology tools to create an interactive opportunity to celebrate our school community.  The real time ability to provide updates and information through avenues such as social media make it a great way for us to stay connected and up to date.  As we move forward we will hone the tools we are using and we will provide opportunities for our community to learn how to engage with these tools.  Check back on this page frequently as we will be adding more information and tools here on a regular basis.  At this point we are working with the following tools:

Contacting Mr. Green

I am completely committed to meeting the needs of you and your children.  As a result of that commitment I am providing you with various ways of getting in touch with me.  Regardless of the method you choose to contact me I will make every effort possible to respond to you within 24 hours of your contact.  I am providing a variety of ways you can contact me below.
  • Email:
  • School Phone: 240-740-4200 
  • Message me on Twitter- @JonGreen_JPMS
  • You can always contact Ms. D'Aiutolo to schedule an appointment to meet in person 
  • If you are in the building you can pop in and say hi, share your thoughts and concerns, or come visit some classes with me.