College Institute


College Institute Coordinator:

The College Institute is an academic program for capable high school juniors and seniors at select MCPS high schools. This exciting program gives high school students the option of earning college credit while in high school. Students may take these classes during the school day, online, or at Montgomery College.

Some of the benefits of JFK College Institute:

  • Enhances college admissions profile
  • Students save both time and money by earning early college credit
  • Supports early focus on potential major and career choices
  • Credit for the college courses is transferable to most colleges and universities
  • Promotes self-confidence in the transition from high school to college

Qualifications for College Institute:

  • Juniors must have a GPA of 3.0 or above and seniors must have a GPA of 2.75 or above.
  • Students must have scores of 550 or above on each section of the SAT or 24 or above on both sections of the ACT

If student’s SAT or ACT scores are do not meet the requirements he may take and pass the Accuplacer test, which is given at the high school by Montgomery College. Click here for more information.

Please note that potential CI students take the Accuplacer only through the College Institute here at Kennedy.

Students whose GPA or test scores are slightly lower than the College Institute requirements may request an appeal. The request must be accompanied by a counselor recommendation and a personal statement.

Enrollment Options for Kennedy High School Students:

  • Attend a course at the high school during the regular school day
  • Participate in a class on campus at Montgomery College
  • Enroll in an online Montgomery College course

Fees for College Institute:

  • Contact the office for current tuition and fees.
  • Students are responsible for purchasing required textbooks.
  • Financial aid is available for students with demonstrated need, depending on the availability of funds. The high school grant pays for tuition, fees and books for one course per semester.

How to Apply:

Contact the College Institute Coordinator in order to receive specific information regarding enrollment. Most students enroll in both fall and spring semesters. Potential students should contact Ms. Donniel Gamble or call 240-740-0105.

For further information about College Institute, contact Concurrent Enrollment at Montgomery College.