Counselor's Suite / The Role of a School Counselor

Our goal is to promote a commitment to lifelong learning and personal and academic growth and to aid students in becoming responsible and productive citizens who can progress confidently into an ever-changing society. This foundation will be supported and further strengthened by collaboration with other educators, administrators, parents/guardians, and community advocates.  Students have many options available to them, and they need skills to assist them in seeking information, evaluating the information, and making good decisions related to these options. Because counselors have the information and perspective to consider the whole student rather than his/her performance in one subject or situation, they can provide the personal attention needed to coordinate and focus on the student's total school experience.


Mental Health Services and Resources

Click here to meet our school psychologist, Ms. Kimberly Medina.

Need a Transcript?

If you need an Official Transcript please email our Registrar,, and include the following:
  1.  FULL legal name
  2.  Year you graduated
  3.  Your MCPS ID# or Date of Birth
  4.  An electronic address to send the transcript.  All Official Transcripts must go directly from the Registrar to the School or Institution requesting the transcript.  Official Transcripts are not released to former students or sent by email to a former student.

Minor Work Permits

The Maryland minor work permit must be completed online. For details on the process, click here.

Key Resources

Kennedy offers many options to support students. For more information, you may contact the Counseling Office or click the links below.

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