Maryland State Minor Work Permits

The State of Maryland changed the process of obtaining a Maryland State Minor Work Permit in July 2014. The process is now entirely in the hands of the minor student and must be completed online. Hard copy instructions are available in the counseling office. Employer information is required to complete the application. Information may also be found online at

Resume Template

Please CLICK HERE for a template you may use to build your own professional resume.

Federal Employment for Students

How Federal Jobs are Filled

Most Federal agencies fill their jobs by advertising all openings on the USA Jobs website.

The Web site lists over 16,000 jobs daily which will allow you to apply directly to the agency. Today very few positions require a written test. Applications can be submitted in a variety of formats: on line, paper form, or the OF-612 form. All information on federal jobs is free to the applicant(s). While the process is now very similar to that in private industry, there are still significant differences due to the many laws, executive orders, and regulations that govern federal employment.

Internships, Work Study, Scholarships & Summer Job Opportunities

Students may check the Federal Government Jobs website as a resource for many federal internships, work study programs, scholarships, and summer job opportunities which may lead to job offers after college graduation. There are federal agencies located all over the entire country as well as overseas — this is ideally for seniors as they make plans for the future.

Maryland State Employment

Information and job openings for Maryland State Employment can be found at . The State of Maryland Employment Application (MS-100) is available to be downloaded from this website. State tests are scheduled at various times during the year and are announced through use of newspaper ads and other recruiting activities. When a test is announced, applicants should file as directed. Questions for the Office of Personnel Services & Benefits may be asked by calling the toll free number 1-800-705-3493. You may also write to them at: 301 West Preston Street, Room 501, Baltimore, Maryland 21201.

* * * Periodically, the Career Center receives information about job offers in the community. Check with Ms. Robinson-Casey if you are interested in part-time employment.

Job Search Sites

Many websites offer comprehensive search features to help you with your employment search. Below are a sampling.