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Student Service Learning Coordinator:
Lexanne Wilson

Counseling Office:
Room 104


MCPS Student Service Learning website

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SSL Basics

How to Find SSL-Approved Activities

MPCS SSL flowchart

  • is a constantly-updating, comprehensive database of all the volunteering opportunities in Montgomery County. Make sure to search only for opportunities that are already approved for SSL by MCPS. Create an account to save your favorites to come back to later.
  • is a website where you can confirm an organization's non-profit status.
  • MCPS form 560-50 must be completed by students who wish to pursue a Student Service Learning (SSL) opportunity that is not identified on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center (MCVC) website. The form should be turned in to Ms. Wilson, the JFK SSL Coordinator, in room 104.
  • MCPS form 560-51 must be completed following each completed SSL activity (even if it is with a teacher or staff member in your own school!) and turned into the SSL hours drop tray in the counseling office in order for students to receive credit for the hours earned.
  • Email if you have any questions that cannot be answered by Ms. Wilson, the JFK SSL Coordinator.
  • Visit the Montgomery County Volunteer Center website frequently to find pre-approved SSL opportunities, updated on a daily basis.

    * * * Any MCPS entity is pre-approved to offer SSL hours. A school-based PTSA, SGA, JFKHS, after-school club, etc., can offer SSL hours after school, on weekends, or during the summer.

What is Student Service Learning (SSL)?

  • A Maryland State Department of Education high school diploma requirement.
  • A teaching method that combines academic instruction, meaningful service, and critical reflective thinking.
  • Activities involving phases of preparation, action, and reflection.

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What are the guidelines for SSL?

  • All activities must be performed through a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization in a public place.
  • All activities must be secular in nature, based on a recognized need in the community and completed outside of the instructional day.
  • The supervisor must be over 18 years of age and someone other than a member of the student’s family.
  • The activity must be performed without financial compensation.
  • One service-learning hour must be awarded for one hour of service, maximum 8 hours per 24 hour period.

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How many SSL hours are required for graduation?

  • Beginning with the class of 2011, students are required to have 75 hours completed for graduation.
  • Students who enter MCPS after sixth grade will have a prorated total for graduation.
  • See the SSL Coordinator for specific information about prorated hours.

NOTE: The number of SSL hours required is also based on the number of years in Montgomery County Public schools and may be prorated for students who enter MCPS after sixth grade.

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How are SSL hours documented?

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How can students earn SSL hours?

  • Full participation in school-sponsored clubs and organizations that address recognized community need. The teacher/advisor verifies the SSL hours.
  • Full participation in service learning opportunities in the community with nonprofit, tax exempt organizations that are pre-approved for SSL.
  • Successful support for a staff member.
  • See for more ideas.

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What should seniors know about SSL hours?

  • SSL requirements must be completed by June 6, 2023.
  • Each high school graduate who documents 260 SSL hours or more before March 30, 2023 will receive a Certificate of Meritorious Service from MSDE and MCPS. Meritorious service winners will also be recognized at commencement for their laudable service contributions.

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  • Verification Form : Submit this form to your school's SSL coordinator by the end of each semester when service is performed. (Revised August 2018)
  • Individual SSL Request: Complete this form legibly in ink and have it approved by the SSL Coordinator prior to earning SSL hours with an opportunity or organization that is not MCPS SSL-approved. (Revised August 2018)

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For full information about MCPS SSL, please visit the MCPS Student Service Learning website.