Broadcast Journalism Lead Teacher

Deborah Wischmann


The Broadcast Journalism and Communications Academy prepares students for careers in television production, internet-based media, and broadcast reporting. Students in this Academy become members of the award-winning KCTV Productions and get to work in our state-of-the-art television studio. Students actively produce stories and elements for the daily live announcements show, KCTV , our news magazine show, The Sword, and our podcast. They are able to gain real-world experience while getting valuable feedback from industry professionals. 

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Courses Include:

  • Introduction to Interactive Media A/B
  • Video Production A/B
  • Electronic Video Field Production A/B
  • Internship Arts, Media & Communications Full Year

Some students also take:

  • IB Film 1A/B
  • IB Film 2 A/B

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