Honors Societies

  • National Honors Society 
    Website: https://www.woottonnhs.com/ | Tutor Request Form
    • This form is monitored by NHS students and filled by NHS students
  • Sponsors: Anne Marie Steppling and Jenn Bauer
  • National Art Honors Society
    Students paint portraits of children from other countries (Memory Project), make cards for sick children at Children’s Hospital, visit nursing homes and paint mini canvases to sell at the Festival of the Arts. Interest in Art is required!
    E-mail: woottonnahs@gmail.com
    Sponsor: Quan Duong and Jessica Coleman
  • National Chinese Honors Society
    The aim of the NCHS (National Chinese Honor Society) is to stimulate interest in the study of Chinese, to promote high standards of scholarship and citizenship, and to recognize high scholastic attainments. Here at Wootton, our NCHS members also dedicate themselves to promote the culture awareness and culture exchange between China and the United States of America. Our members are all juniors and seniors who have fulfilled the NCHS requirements. The requirements are as followings:
    • Be currently enrolled in Level III or higher level.
    • Have a 3.5 or higher average in Chinese for the last three semesters.
    • Have a 3.0 or higher GPA.
    • Be willing to tutor in Chinese.
    • Be willing to participate in NCHS related activities as assigned.
    • Commit to take the next higher level of Chinese in the coming school year.
    We meet once a month. Usually on the second Wednesday after school in room 181. This year, we are doing (1) fund raising to support education in rural China, (2) culture display at Quince Orchard Library in February, 2005, (3) in-school bulletin display of Chinese culture, cities, and current development. Our application time starts in late January. Students who are interested can talk to Mrs.Lin (room 181).
    Sponsor: Ms. Chang
  • Latin National Honors Society
    The Latin National Honors Society aims to create an environment where students can explore Greek and Roman culture and enhance their learning experience through peer tutoring. This year we will have multiple fundraisers, work on community service projects, expand our tutoring program, and further establish our presence at Wootton. In order to be a member of the Latin National Honors society students must be at least in Latin II and be committed enough to the club that they are willing to participate in as many Latin National Honors Society activities possible. Meetings are monthly, usually in portable X.
    Sponsor: Eric Sasse
  • Tri M Music Honors Society
    Website: http://www.freewebs.com/woottontrim/
    Sponsor: Ms. Herman
  • National French Honors Society

    The Wootton High School chapter of the French Honor Society encompasses a select group of advanced level French students who demonstrate exceptional scholarship in the study of French language and culture. Membership in this organization is contingent on outstanding academic performance and dedication to French studies both inside the classroom and out.
    Throughout the academic year, students partake in various fundraisers that serve the local and global community. Most notably, profits from these fundraisers are donated to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), a humanitarian organization that provides medical assistance to underprivileged countries. In the 2015-2016 year alone, FHS raised over $ 1 000 for this organization.
    As members of FHS, students also enrich their understanding of French culture during the school year and outside of class by dining in French restaurants, viewing films, attending French culinary lessons and visiting local art museums. In addition, members have the opportunity to serve as aides or tutors, working with students in lower levels and assisting the French department and FHS with activities. Because FHS is not as large as, say , NHS, it is easier for students to take on leadership roles and receive direct support from other officers and members.
    Sponsor: Cristina Maass

  • National Spanish Honors Society
    The Spanish Honor Society is proud to serve the community in the US and abroad. In the school and community, the members offer a peer tutoring service, and plan to work with the Hispanic community in various ways. In addition, SHS has developed a Student Exchange Program with the City of Atyrá, Paraguay. Together with the Embassy of Paraguay, the Organization of American States, and another area school, we have established the Foundation Children of Atyrá. The work of the Foundation began last year with a clothing and school supplies drive for the elementary school children of this city, and continued when fifteen members of the Foundation and Spanish Honor Society traveled to Atyrá during Spring Break to deliver the items that they had collected.
    Website: http://woottonshs.blogspot.com/
    Sponsor: Ms. Cruz and Ms. Chambers
  • National Science Honors Society
    The Science National Honors Society promotes interest in all fields of science and promotes scholarship and attainment of high scholastic achievement. Our members also provide tutoring services for other Wootton students in the sciences.

  • Social Studies Honors Society
    Sponsor: Ms. Rice/Ms. Parsons