The physics classes offered at Wootton High School include: Physics, Honors Physics, and Advanced Placement Physics C (semester A is Mechanics and semester B is Electricity and Magnetism), which is a double period class. Also offered is Applied Science which covers many engineering physics applications.


  • Physics: Algebra 2 (co-requisite)
  • Honors Physics: Honors Algebra 2 (co-requisite). Students should have earned a B or better in Honors Algebra 1. A self-assessing summer mathematics review should also be completed.
  • AP Physics: Honors Physics, (Calculus is co-requisite).
  • Applied Science: Regular or Honors Physics (concurrent or prior)

Honors physics requires students to have mastered basic mathematics and algebra skills. Honors Physics requires students to be proficient and comfortable with applications of math (outside of the math class) to a new problem. Students who do not have as much mastery of applications in mathematics should take regular Physics, which covers the same concepts but with less complexity.

Honors Physics requires more in depth analysis of laboratory concepts as well as applications of the content to new situations. Honors Physics and AP Physics both use Internet-based homework for many assignments. The honors physics curriculum is enriched with many pre-AP Physics topics to allow a smooth transition to AP Physics if a student desires that path of study.

AP Physics C is a calculus-based physics course that meets most university freshmen physics requirements for engineering, math, chemistry, and computer-science majors, but will also meet requirements for life-science majors. Problem-solving involves rigorous math and labs will use video and computer-based probes to generate and analyze data.

Required Texts

  • On-Level Physics – Physics Principles & Problems 9th edition- by McGraw Hill- ISBN # 130-07-845813-7
  • H Physics-Physics­– Giancoli 5th Edition by Pearson, 2005, ISBN # 0-13-184661-2
  • AP Physics – University Physics – Young & Freedman 12th edition- by Addison Wesley- ISBN # 13-978-0-321-50121


Each year physics teachers coach the Wootton High School Physics students in many competitions that typically include the JETS Teams Competition, Final Frontiers, Physics Olympiad, and the National Physics Bowl. There is also a Physics Club that meets once per week.

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