English Department

Resource Teacher:

Evva Starr 


 Humanities and Arts Signature Program

A rigorous, innovative enrichment program for students eager to expand their understanding of the humanities. Application required..

Yearbook and Newspaper 

Information on ordering senior ads and your yearbook and contacting Common Sense.

Common Sense Online 

Online version of our award winning newspaper.

Literary Magazine

Information on our award winning Literary Magazine Pulp and on the club that publishes it.

Summer Reading 

The only students who have summer reading are for the courses shown below. All other students do not have required summer reading (but you should still read!)

AP Literature + Comp Summer Reading

AP Seminar (10th Grade) Summer Reading​


Course Offerings

  • Honors and On Level English for 9, 10, 11, and 12
  • AP Language and Composition for 11th and 12th grade
  • AP Literature and Composition for 12th grade
  • Newspaper
  • Yearbook
  • Debate
  • Film Studies
  • Creative Writing
  • Fantasy Literature
  • Humanities Seminar
  • Senior Seminar