Nutrition Science

Honors Nutrition is an elective science class for students who have completed Biology (PR) and who have or are currently taking Chemistry (CR). Honors Nutrition Science is an elective science course typically taken by upperclassmen. Honors nutrition science is a highly project and lab-based course. Students are required to create a nutrition portfolio as a final assessment each semester. There is a $15.00 lab fee per semester.

On-Level Nutrition Science is geared to upperclassmen that have a desire to study nutrition and/or need to complete the third science course necessary for graduation. There is no chemistry requirement for the on-level nutrition course. Students will achieve course goals through video journals, in class worksheets, cooking projects, etc. There is a lab fee of $15 per semester for the course.

The topics in each course include:

  • The structures of the carbohydrate, lipid (fat) and protein molecules
  • Digestion, Absorption and Transport of macro and micro nutrients in the body
  • Planning a healthy diet to meet adolescent and adult nutritional needs
  • Energy Balance and Body Composition
  • Fitness and Food           
  • Nutrition and the Environment  (Honors Only)
  • Nutritious Meal Preparation

Required Text

  • Honors Nutrition: Understanding Nutrition, Thomson/Wadsworth, 13-978-0-495-11669-1, 11 Ed
  • On-Level Nutrition, Nutrition: Concepts & Controversies. Thomson Pub 2000, 0-534-56466, 8 Ed


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