Matter & Energy

There are two Matter and Energy courses offered for 9th graders at Wootton: one On-Level and one Honors level. For a student to be successful in Honors Matter and Energy it is required that the student has already taken Algebra 1. The first semester of Matter and Energy (at both levels) applies mathematical skills in a scientific setting. The first semester of Matter and Energy focuses on the fundamentals of Physics, while the second semester focuses on the fundamentals of Chemistry. Matter and Energy A includes scientific skills and processes, mechanics (forces and motion), energy, electricity, and magnetism. Matter and Energy B includes properties of matter, heat, and atomic and nuclear structure. Honors Matter and Energy requires more in-depth analysis of concepts, as well as more application of content to new situations. Students are expected to apply concepts of laboratory activities to new situations to demonstrate mastery in the honors level class.

The following textbooks are required for Matter and Energy classes:

  • On–level Matter and Energy: Conceptual Physical Science (Addison Wesley, 2003) ISBN# 0-321-10663-6
  • Honors Matter and Energy: Physical Science: Concepts in Action (Prentice Hall, 2004) ISBN# 0-13-069988-8

 Syllabus-Honors Matter & Energy

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