The Chemistry classes offered at Thomas S. Wootton High School are the following: On Level Chemistry, Honors Chemistry and AP chemistry.

Chemistry and Honors Chemistry are first year chemistry courses open to 10-12 graders who meet the following criteria:

  • Completed geometry
  • Concurrent or completed Algebra 2
  • Teacher recommendation from previous year.

Honors Chemistry is available to incoming 9th graders who meet the above criteria and have been recommended by their 8th grade science teacher and have taken the summer Astros course to qualify. The Astros course is equivalent to the second semester of Honors Matter & Energy which grants 0.5 honors high school credit. 

On-level chemistry is an introduction to chemistry that focuses on matter and the changes it undergoes.  The course consists of lecture, laboratory and group activities that enhance and explain these topics.  Algebra is used to solve 1-2 step problems and to analyze lab data with teacher direction. 

Honors Chemistry is an introduction to chemistry that focuses on analyzing and applying data to understand chemical processes. This course is designed to prepare the student for AP chemistry and includes many enrichment activities to ensure a smooth transition to AP chemistry. The course consists of lecture, laboratory and group activities to enhance and explain these topics but the topics are more numerous and more in depth than on-level chemistry requires.   Algebra and Geometry are used to solve 3-6 step problems and in depth lab analyze of data.  An A or B in Algebra is recommended for this course as well as a full year of Geometry, not summer school Geometry.  Honors Chemistry is essential for anyone planning to take AP chemistry in the future.

After your first year of chemistry you may choose to take AP chemistry.  AP chemistry is a double period course that focuses on the ability to analyze data using chemical principles, apply concepts to new situations and calculate complex problems.  The ability to use laboratory equipment, collect data and explain errors are significant parts of this course.  This is a rigorous, college level course and students should expect to spend significant amounts of time developing a detailed understanding of college level chemistry.   


The following text books are required:

  • Honors or On level Chemistry use Prentice Hall, 2008, ISBN # 0-13-251210-6
  • AP chemistry – Chemistry 6th edition by Zumdalh ISBN # 0-618-26505-8


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