Final Frontiers  updated 9/2018

 Overview of Competition (VIDEO)



 The Final Frontiers is on indefinite hiatus.

 There will be no competitions this year.


 You are encouraged to continue to hold your classroom competitions.

We provide instructions for prior year activities below.

 General Guidelines

All participants should periodically check the website for rule changes and clarifications.

All teachers/sponsors/parents are strongly advised to allow the students to do their own work both in the planning and building stages of preparation.  However, teachers/sponsors/parents are urged to help the students in reading the rules to explain details and in monitoring safety during construction.  Hand tools are sufficient for all events.

Final Frontiers event rules are written in a short and concise form in order to encourage students of all grade levels and abilities to get involved.  As a result, specificity has had to be sacrificed.

If a word or phrase may be open to interpretation, students should interpret the word or phrase in its most common interpretation.    Students should construct their devices to meet any interpretation of the rules by the judges during the competition.  

Remember that during the competition the judges of that event will interpret the rules in order to make the event a fair and equal competition for the entrants.  

If you choose to interpret a word in a specific way that gives you a great advantage over other competitors your device will be placed into a special category.  

The Events:


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