AP Environmental Science

AP Environmental Science is a year long, rigorous, upper-level science course that is comparable to an introductory college course in environmental science. The APES course provides students with the principles, concepts, and methodologies to understand the interrelationships of our natural world. Major environmental issues and problems will be critically evaluated to include possible solutions. This course will prepare students to take the national AP exam in environmental science and college credit can be obtained from participating colleges and universities.

This course is offered as a single period but to enroll, students must have a lunch that precedes or follows the class, in order to have weekly double period labs. The course has an extensive laboratory component and requires chemistry as a co-requisite. Major topics include scientific and ecological principles, human populations, resources, sustainability, environmental quality, pollution, land use, biodiversity, conservation, and environmental problems and the possible solutions.

The following textbooks are required for AP Environmental Science class:

  • Environmental Science for AP* (by Friedland and Relyea- ISBN: 978-0-7167-3849-7
  • Barron’s AP Environmental Science, 4th ed. By G.S. Thorpe. 2011. ISBN:978-0-7641-4571-1

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