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 Kindergarten Team 2018
Kindergarten students practice letters


Kindergarten's supply list 
Be sure your children have the following items to start school: 
pencil box (small container to hold supplies)
glue sticks
dry erase markers
one 2 pocket folder



Kindergarten Parents-Only Evening: 

Wednesday, Aug. 29, 4-5 pm

Come to a presentation on what your child will be learning in kindergarten, kindergarten expectations, and first day reminders.  This night is more appropriate for adults only, but please bring your child to open house the next day, 9:30-10:30 on Aug. 30, to meet their teacher and see their classroom! Hope to see you then!


Email Blast -- Update Gr K Email Blast May 4 2018

February 9: We are dressing up for the 100th day of school!

 100th Day of School Feb 9 2018

February: We are studying community helpers and on Tuesday, Feb. 6, Silver Spring Firefighters came to talk with us. 

Firefighters show truck K Feb 2018

Firefighers in K Classroom Feb 2018


    On January 8, 2018, Kindergarten students gave a safety presentation to the rest of the student body. Individual students each gave one safety tip by going in front of the rest of the school, speaking into a microphone, and supporting their statements with posters they had made. 

Each class has a new set of pets: Mealworms!

Homework has started; it is due every Friday.

Kindergarten Team 2017 2018
Standing, left to right: Ms. Manganelli, Ms. Veirs, Ms. Cathy Zajac. Seated: Ms. Martinez, Ms. Wooler, Ms. Llewellyn, Ms. Vences.  

Kindergarten Team:

Ms. Manganelli 

Miss Llewellyn

Ms. Veirs 

Ms. Wooler


Mrs. Martinez

Mrs. Vences

Important Links:

School Newsletters  

Learning Links

Staff Directory

Kindergarten Links:

Mouse Practice Activities

Mouse Exercises Mouse Exercises 

 Mouse Practice Mouse 

Bees and Honey Clicking Activity Bee

Language Arts Links   



Bookflix Bookflix Icon

PBS: Arthur Arthur Icon

PBS: Between the Lions  Lions Icon

PBS: Sprout Sprout Image

PBS: Caillou Caillou Icon

Clifford Clifford Icon

Bob the Builder  Bob Icon

Building Language for Literacy book Icon

Virtual Zoo zoo Icon

Author Study Websites

Rosemary Wells  RosemaryWells

Eric Hill: Fun With Spot  EricHillSpot


Social Studies Links

Goods and Services picnicbasket


Math Zone Links


Numbers 0-5:Counting Bears

Numbers 0-20: Dive For Treasure

Numbers 0-29: Dino Place Value

Numbers 11-30: Ten Frame

Numbers 10-50: Shark Place Value

Numbers 0-99: Base 10 Blocks

Matching Solid Shapes

+ to 10: Counting Bricks

+ to 10: Rock Hopper

- to 10: Fireflies

+ and - to 15: Test the Toad 

Matching Coins: Spending Spree

Counting Money to 50 cents

Parent Resources 

ABC Handbook

Informational handbook for parents


 Handwriting Paths

for uppercase and
lowercase letters

Reading Strategies


Kindergarten Word Wall


1st Grade Word Wall


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