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May 30, 2019: Choral Concert, Grades 4 and 5, 7:00 p.m. at Einstein High School.
Songs included: Hero (ballad, Mariah Carey) with interpretive original dance by students. Selections from Music Man: Rock Island, 76 Trombones. Also included a spiritual. 
Chorus, Gr 4-5, performs at Einstein HS.
March 28, 2019: "Summer Camp," A Fourth Grade Musical 
March 21, 2019: "A Lion's Share of Melodies: A Grade 2 Performance for Parents," 9:30 am, Cafeteria 
Parents enjoy second graders' original music. Students perform original work, Lion's Share. Five students perform original work in Lion's Share of Melodies.

Grade 2: Welcome to the second semester of music instruction!  During the past quarter, students have been working steadily on a major collaborative project – creating lyrics and melodies to express a story represented by Lion sculptures.  In groups of 4-6, students have used skills in language arts skills to create a storyboard and then take the next step in the composition process to create two balanced phrases that rhyme.  After improvising a melody to fit their lyrics, the new melody has been recorded on a Chromebook.  Students notated the melodies and played their melodies on xylophones.  I am impressed with their ingenuity!  And I hope you are, too! Parents were invited to a special in-school concert, given by our second graders on March 21, at 9:30 here at Woodlin.  

Grant Announcement: More than 100 grade 2 students, including students participating in the Learning for Independence Program, are creating music this year with special support and a new curriculum. Woodlin Elementary School received a $990 grant from MCPS Educational Foundation for "A Lion's Share of Melodies," through which students will create simple lyrics and melodies. Their inspiration will come from 18th century sculptures, "Lions" by Antonio Canova. Music teacher, Cynthia Norell, encourages the children to consider feelings portrayed by the two lions and consider personal connections as they collaboratively compose with some elements of poetry. They will record their improvisations with some use of Chromebooks.   

Norell, Woodlin's Music Teacher, who has taught English in Zimbabwe and Jamaica, applied for the grant in September, and the grant was announced in October, 2018. She said the Foundation awards grants for projects which strengthen the foundation of academic success; focus on accountability and results, enhance our culture of collaboration and respect; and strengthen partnerships and engagement. A Lion's Share of Melodies project fully supports the new music curriculum for grade 2: Creating Process. The grant helped purchase necessary materials that include a glockenspiel and two new xylophones. 
Lion Sculpture One Canova Lion Sculpture Two Canova

  **If you have any questions about Chorus and Choir at Woodlin ES please contact Mrs. Cindy Norell, Woodlin's General Music/Chorus Teacher.



Like all MCPS elementary schools, Woodlin Elementary has an Instrumental Music program for interested fourth and fifth graders. Weekly classes are taught by Mrs. Susan Mathis. For information about our Instrumental Music program, click here.



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