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"We do what's best for Woodlin kids!" -- Principal Jackson and Asst. Principal Scott.
Left--Front Office: Ms. Arefian, Ms. Alvarado, Mr. Hazel, Mr. Jackson, Ms. Scott, Ms. Garcia.
Right--Leadership Team: Mr. Jackson, Ms. Scott, Ms. Dobres, Ms. Coward, Ms. Holm

   Front Office Staff Fall 2018 Woodlin Leadership Team 2018

About Woodlin

Woodlin Elementary School Staff 2018-2019 (credit: Lifetouch/Fred Blanton)
 Woodlin All Staff Sept 2018

Photograph Below: Our special education resource team works in every grade to ensure all of our students are supported to do their best. 
Resource Teachers Fall 2018 375

Above: Our cafeteria team keeps us healthy and well-fed.
Photograph Below: Staff Breakfast during Pre-Service Meeting, August 2017 (credit: G. Cramer)

Staff Breakfast 2017

Radon Letter   Radon Letter Spanish March 2018  Radon Letter French  Radon Letter Amharic  

Radon Fact Sheet  Radon Fact Sheet Spanish  Radon Fact Sheet French  Radon Fact Sheet Chinese

MCPS explains Maryland School Report Cards 2019 

Center for Enriched Studies Program for Gifted, Talented, Motivated students in Grades 4 and 5  

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Click Here for explanation of expected Reading Targets for your child's grade.   


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