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I look forward to supporting the students of Woodlin ES this year. Feel free to reach out if you have a question, want to learn more about the SEL initiatives, student wellness or  want to discuss the MCPS supports available to your child.  
Ms. Lise Valenta, School Counselor
Woodlin ES


The Counselor's Role

It is the counselor's role to support students so they can be their best at school, academically, socially and emotionally. These are some examples of how the counselor supports students and their families:

  • Monthly Classroom Counseling Lessons – Topics include respect, friendship, and bullying. 
  • Individual Counseling – Students are identified through parent, teacher and self-referral.
  • Counseling Groups – Groups could meet at lunch or throughout the day.  Themes are determined by need at each grade level.  Popular topics are social skills, study skills, self-esteem, anger management and family changes. 
  • Grade Level Lunch Bunches - Students have an opportunity to have lunch bunch in the counselor's office just for fun. It helps her get to know individual students better, and also provides students, who are not comfortable talking in a large group setting, a chance to express themselves in a smaller group.
  • Parent Consultations: The counselor is available to meet with parents and staff (sometimes together) to discuss student and family concerns.